如何处理旧的IT设备-十大赌博正规老平台器,计算机,笔记本电脑 & 更多的

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Chris Menninger Published: April 11, 2022


的 Information Technology market has become increasingly complex with different pockets of specialization. 确定, you’re a pro at your unique job, 但这并不意味着你是拆除IT设备的专家.

As an IT professional, you are already aware that your organization handles a lot of sensitive data. Whether it’s data about confidential internal processes or the personally identifiable information of your clients, 重要的是,遗留设备上的数据不会落入坏人之手.

So, how do IT asset disposition (ITAD) professionals keep your data safe during the computer and server disposal process?

如果你有10个或更多的设备需要处理,公园广场团队可以提供帮助! 我们的 安全 ITAD services can include de-install, packing, shipping, auditing, recycling, and even IT asset value recovery. Because we are a consumer of recovered IT assets, 你的旧设备保留剩余价值的可能性可能更高!

Is it Safe to Recycle Old Computers and Servers?

随着当今市场的安全风险,您感兴趣的是 安全 disposition of IT assets. Reputable companies follow data erasure standards, such as the NIST 800-88 global standard.

At one point in time, the Department of Defense had their own standard called the DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP). However, the DoD adopted the NIST standard in 2014 to align governmental and civilian standards toward a “universal” data erasure standard.

的 data wipe standards and guidelines set forth by NIST help to ensure civilian and government entities are aligned with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).

简而言之,这些标准已经被政府机构认为是可以接受的,而且很可能会接受 当您准备回收旧IT设备时,提供安全的体验.

Ensure Data Erasure Standards Are Being Met

Following the NIST standard for data wipes can keep you safe and compliant with organizational policy, 但确保这些标准得到遵守,取决于你自己.

Big arrays generally have onboard utilities from their respective OEM that are designed for a simple data wipe. You may think that calling a rep from the OEM to come in and wipe your data is all that you need to prepare for the disposal of IT equipment, but it’s not wiped to accredited standards.

engineer following IT equipment disposal best practices

For example, you may have an EOSL Dell EMC array that you’d like to recycle. If you call Dell, they can send a technician to your premises that will use command line language to engage an onboard utility that overwrites your drives. Functionally, 这个过程的目的是做与nist认可的擦除相同的事情, but there is no certificate of erasure, 而且它很可能达不到您组织的安全标准.

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的refore, 当您的企业面临计算机或十大赌博正规老平台器硬件回收项目时, 求助于经验丰富的IT资产处置公司是最好的选择. 您的政策是否需要现场或场外的擦除和销毁, 必须遵循适当的认证和监管链.

Offsite Erasure, Destruction & Recycling

Whether onsite or offsite, your ITAD partner is still going to use NIST-compliant erasure software. 当您将存储和十大赌博正规老平台器机架发送到场外销毁设施时, you can pull the individual disks from their arrays, 或者你可以让它们保持完整——两种方法都可以满足NIST的擦除标准.

首先,您的团队为您的ITAD合作伙伴创建一个旧IT设备列表. Before leaving your data center, 合作伙伴将确保清单上的所有物品都在他们的车辆上. 一旦设备负载与你的硬件清单相符, your team will sign equipment releases that can be used to ensure your organizational policies are met.

Onsite Erasure, Destruction & Recycling

Onsite erasure/destruction follows the same standards, but from a cost perspective, offsite destruction is exponentially cheaper.

Onsite wipes and destruction require sending an ITAD tech to your location with the required security appliances and trays in tow to remove your drives. This process is time consuming and expensive.

如果您的企业政策允许场外销毁, 它将对您的it预算产生较少的负面影响.

What to Do Before Disposing of Old IT Hardware

无论你是在更新IT硬件, data center relocation, data center consolidation, or decommissioning a data center entirely, it pays to have a plan for your old data center components that won’t be used for production.

Before disposing of old computers, servers, and networking equipment, 你的团队必须列出要退役的资产清单. 的 加快处置过程的最佳方法是坚持资产清单 you provide to your ITAD partner.

在许多组织中,IT经理、采购或财务主管会下令进行处置. IT assets are then collected for disposal and stored somewhere accessible for the disposition team. Between the time of ordering and shipping, it is extremely common for data center techs to scavenge the equipment for drives and 内存 components that can be used for sparing.

If your ITAD partner arrives for pickup and the assets on your docket don’t match the assets ready to ship, it will take time to adjust the initial order.

Alternatively, if the IT Managers, Purchasing, 或者下达命令的金融领导人低估了要处置的资产, your recycling partner will need to spend time adjusting their records for the increased number of assets. This could also require logistical adjustments that are extremely difficult to coordinate on the fly in today’s environment.

What to Do with Old Servers

十大赌博正规老平台器的贬值速度比笔记本电脑和台式机快得多. Park Place Technologies的ITAD团队看到的十大赌博正规老平台器的平均年龄是5-7岁.

不幸的是,十大赌博正规老平台器在3-4年后就不再具有重要价值了. 如果您计划出售超过4年的旧十大赌博正规老平台器设备, 不要指望从你的资产的原始价值中收回太多.

server hardware recycling being performed by man

Whether your assets are being prepped for server disposal or server recycling, they need to be wiped. Erasure security appliances are connected to your asset, and the drives are audited and formatted. 如果发现您的驱动器不再可操作,它们将需要销毁.

Server Destruction

当您的驱动器不能被擦除和重新利用,他们必须删除销毁. Your drive serial number is scanned for recordkeeping, and then the physical drives are crushed. 驱动器破碎机通过硬盘主轴和波纹盘片. 这个过程使得从硬件中恢复数据是不可能的.

在每个已退役的十大赌博正规老平台器硬件完成该过程之后, a certificate of destruction is issued.

Server Recycling

A good ITAD professional can generally determine whether a server can be recycled when your Purchasing, Finance, 或者IT经理发送资产处置清单. Once they pass the drive audit, your server components follow the data erasure process and are issued corresponding certificates of erasure. 的 erased drives are then scheduled for repurposing.

In general, the drives, 内存, 十大赌博正规老平台器和阵列上的处理器在被重新利用之前被带到它们的组成部分.

What to Do with Old Computers

Laptops and desktops “age” slower than servers and can go around 4-5 years while still retaining some value. To understand how to dispose of old computers, 您可以简单地查看上面的旧十大赌博正规老平台器处理流程.

用于十大赌博正规老平台器的相同擦除软件也用于计算机. However, the data erasure software for your desktops and laptops lives on a thumb drive that can be plugged in to execute. If your ITAD partner is following NIST standards, disposing of old laptops 安全ly is no problem.

Computer Disposal

If your computer is prohibitively old, 它很有可能从一开始就被安排销毁. However, even laptops and desktops that appear to have resale value could need destroyed if the hard drive audit turns up any bad sectors.

If this is the case, your drive is removed, 为了保存记录,它的序列号会被扫描. A drive crusher then pierces the hard disk spindles so that the platters are rippled—making it impossible to recover data from your drive.


In the off chance you’re a consumer worried about the proper disposal of old computers (rather than an enterprise IT professional), 原始设备制造商, retailers, 或者你当地的回收公司可能会在一年中举办几次IT回收活动. 如果你想知道,谁会把旧电脑设备带到我身边?—browse this IT recycling list from the EPA to learn how to safely dispose of old computers.

Computer Recycling

适用于不太旧且通过驱动器审计的台式机和笔记本电脑, the data erasure process is followed, and subsequent certificates of erasure are issued. 的 disposal of computer components is different from servers and networking equipment in that laptops and desktops are sold as whole units instead of being broken down to the component levels.

What to Do with Old Networking Equipment

Switches, routers (and sometimes access points) are all examples of old IT equipment that can be 安全ly disposed of by your ITAD partner. 您最初可能认为网络硬件不像处理计算机组件一样, because it doesn’t hold any 内存. 但是,IP地址通常存储在企业网络组件中.

的 data erasure for network devices involves clearing IP addresses (you don’t want to provide a map for bad actors to coordinate a security attack on your network). Once your data has been erased, IT资产配置专家采用的是“拆卸工厂”的方法, 管理卡和网卡被拆下重新使用和/或转售.


园坊科技专业十大赌博正规老平台由训练有素的现场工程师组成, project managers and system engineers that can help facilitate seamless IT infrastructure support operations to supplement your core team.

我们的 data center professional services include a specialized group of IT asset disposition professionals that can provide data center storage migration, asset re-deployment, 安全 off-site or on-site data destruction, hardware recycling and equipment resale.

Contact our team today to learn how we can help with your next ITAD project!

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