Automated IT Asset Discovery

Managed service that delivers accurate and timely IT asset discovery on physical, 虚拟, and 云 assets across your infrastructure environment.

Uptime starts with discovery.

ParkView发现™ (PVD) automates and simplifies your asset discovery process allowing you to:

  • Eliminate the need for manually collecting and documenting IT inventory
  • Achieve real time visibility for acquired assets and assets in remote locations
  • Accelerate audit preparation and readiness
  • Easily obtain serial number and product life cycle information
  • Park Place supports the installation and execution of scanning and inventory reporting for you


Leverage the Power of ParkView发现™ for automated IT infrastructure discovery.
手册和. Automated IT Asset Discovery
An accurate view of your entire digital infrastructure is critical to your business and effective management of asset life cycles. A manual discovery process is time-consuming, 容易出错的, and takes time away from other important issues. ParkView发现™ automates the process, giving you a comprehensive, real-time view of all your physical, 虚拟, 云, 边缘设备等.

The ParkView发现™ Advantage

Discover physical, 虚拟 and 云 assets across your infrastructure – automatically. Identify and track assets deployed to remote workforce.

  • Retire internal discovery tools
  • Reassign internal resources
  • Reduce software licensing costs and maintenance costs

ParkView 硬件监控™

ParkView 硬件监控™ proactively identifies faults 24/7. It includes a fully automated maintenance service that streamlines the hardware support process and helps data centers boost Uptime. The old way of managing a data center is reactionary, time-consuming, costly and outdated. Whether you’re monitoring 存储, 十大赌博正规老平台器, 或网络设备, ParkView™ reduces the number of touchpoints between you and a maintenance solution to two easy steps.

ParkView发现™ Whitepaper

Is Automated IT Asset Discovery the Key to Solving IT Infrastructure Chaos?


  • The challenge created by the ever-increasing scope and complexity of IT environments
  • The 5 benefits of an automated IT asset discovery process


Automating your IT asset discovery process can help you avoid change management surprises and better manage your costs. Watch our webinar to learn how.

  • Save time through automation
  • 降低风险
  • Maximize your IT resources
  • Save on CMDB operational expense